Best Mirrorless Cameras

A few decades ago, the DSLR dominated the photography industry. Their mechanism was a bit complex and noisy. The mirror mechanism also contributed to its weight. Some of these problems have been solved with the introduction of the mirrorless camera which has a compact system. These are impressive digital cameras which are packed with large sensors and compact bodies. They offer a high-quality image compared to the DSLR cameras.

These cameras still utilize the interchangeable lenses and the big sensors of the DSRL cameras. However, they ditch the mirror thereby producing a simpler, smaller and lighter camera. Most of the mirrorless cameras are designed with a rectangular body which is more compact. The cheaper mirrorless cameras lack a viewfinder but instead their photo is composed on their rear screen just like with the Smartphone’s camera.

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Fuji X-T2

This is a stunning camera which is ideal for enthusiast photographers. Its sensor size is APS-C. It has a resolution of 24.3MP, and its viewfinder is EVF. It has a 3.0-inch monitor which offers a tilt-angle display. It works best with the experts. Additional y, it has a fat auto focus and a polished handling.

This camera is an improvement of the famous X-T1 but has been improved greatly, and it has the biggest autofocus. Its system has a huge leap when it is compared with X-T1. It has an impressive level of customization and sophistication.

Olympus OM-D E-M 10 II

This camera has a resolution of 16.1 MP and a micro four thirds sensor size. It has a continuous shooting rate of 8.5 fps. It has an EVF viewfinder. This camera is suited for both the beginner and intermediate.

It has a 3.0-inch monitor with a tilt-akiuygjugoikkjngle display. Besides, this camera has a compact lens and an excellent viewfinder. This camera has evolved from the original E-M 10 which was preferred by people because of its versatility and small size. This camera is more compact and light in weight. It is such a powerful camera.


Sony Alpha A7R II

This camera has the highest resolution. It has a full frame sensor size. An EVF viewfinder, a 42.4 MP resolution and a 3.0-inch display monitor which offers a tilt angle display. Additionally, it has a continuous shooting rate of up to 5fps. It is mainly suited for use by the experts. This camera produces high-quality images which are very huge. It also has an excellent quality viewfinder. Also, this camera has a great stabilization system as well as a built-in Wi-Fi/NFC technology.