Disease-Fighting Mushrooms

Some people consider mushroom to be a vegetable. It is a fungus which rich in nutrients which help in boosting the immune system as well as combating many conditions and diseases. Mushrooms have a low content of calories and carbohydrates, but they are rich in fiber, vitamins, niacin, chitin, iron, protein, selenium, riboflavin, zinc and potassium.

Some mushrooms are also rich in beta-glucans compounds which help in keeping the immune system alert. They also contain ergothioneine which is an important antioxidant. Mushrooms are also known to contain high levels of a nutrient known as germanium which plays a significant role in boosting the oxygen use in your body as well as fighting the free radical damage.

There are over 200 species of mushrooms which are widely used in medicine with twenty-five percent of them being used for fighting tumors.
Here are the various types of mushrooms used in fighting diseases.


This is a type of mushroom which eases tightness of the tendons. It also strengthens the walls of the blood vessels. These mushrooms are rich in iron which helps in combating anemia.


These mushrooms improve the health of those patients suffering from HIV/AIDS. They are also beneficial to diabetics having high levels of blood sugar. They also help in reducing high blood pressure and enhancing the immune system. They are also known for stopping the growth and development of tumors.


Research has proven that these mushrooms can be used in fighting cancer by inhibiting growth and cell division of the cancerous cells. Cordyceps also interferes with the protein synthesis process in the cancer cells thereby stopping the spread of cancer.


These mushrooms have gained a lot ojgvbnkjhggagvbnkjhf popularity in the modern days. They are rich in beta-glucans which increase the levels of the T-cells in your system. This is very helpful to those individuals suffering from various immune disorders. The boosting of the immune system helps in reducing the growth of cancer. It also inhibits the spread of the cancer tumors.


Reishi mushrooms also contain high levels of ganoderic acid which helps in lowering the triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the body. This, in turn, lowers the blood pressure and minimizes all the risks associated with clotting of blood. It also contains a natural antihistamine known as lanostane which is used in treating muscle aches and arthritis.

This mushroom is also referred to as the medicine of kings due to its ability to improve sleep and concentration of the memory. It, therefore, aids in calming stress.

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